9l water fire extinguisher

9L Water Fire Extinguisher

£40.00 £20.00

Fire Rating: 13A
Height (mm): 623
Diameter (mm): 184
Width (mm): 285
Throw Range (m): 5.5
Discharge Time (secs): 40

9L Water Fire Extinguisher by Thomas Glover is one of the best in the budget category.  Designed, developed and tested in the UK for use on Class A fires this extinguisher carries a 13A Fire Rating.

Water fire extinguishers can be used to tackle fires involving solid combustible material. Being able to extinguish (Class A fires) textiles, wood, coal, furniture and many other materials.

Remember to NEVER use Water Fire Extinguishers on Electrical items as water particles conduct electricity and the user will receive an electric shock.  Some water extinguisher have a mist nozzle that have been tested against 35,000kv but unless it says on the fire extinguisher do not assume it is the correct nozzle even if it looks the same.

  • Approved to BSEN3
  • Holds 5 year guarantee
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • Internal Polyethylene lining
  • Squeeze grip operation
  • Includes wall hanging bracket

Suitable for offices, shops, schools, warehouses, and storage units

Fire Rating: 13A

Class of Fire: Check by clicking here




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