2l foam fire extinguisher

2L Foam Fire Extinguisher

£25.00 £15.49

Fire Rating: 5A 34B
Height (mm): 391
Diameter (mm): 110
Width (mm): 124
Throw Range (m): 2
Discharge Time (secs): 12

The 2L Foam Fire Extinguisher is one of the most popular foam fire extinguishers for the home and car. With the 5A 34B ratings, this extinguisher is ideal for use on wood/paper fire (A class) and also petrol and volatile liquids (B class) as the liquid forms a film forming foam smothering flames to prevent re-ignition.  Comes with a transport bracket which can be securely fixed inside your vehicle.

This extinguisher is a good solution for multi-risk usage

  • Kite marked to BS EN3
  • BAFE approved
  • Protective plastic lining
  • Supplied with transport bracket
  • Durable plastic base
  • Spray nozzle design complies with dielectrical test to EN3-7 clause 9 (excluding 1L Foam)

Suitable for Offices, Shops, Hotels, Residential Homes, Hospitals and premises that may have Class B hazards

Fire Rating: 5A 34B

Class of Fire: Check by clicking here


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